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JPA Consultation on PBS Segment Reaches Exclusive Audiences.


Joan Pastor provides the presentation deck and skills training to qualified start-ups through their venture capital, angel investor, or private equity firms. Based on her long history developing training films with Pepsi, and work in the entertainment industry, she also recently was the consulting advisor involving a collaboration with “In-Depth” television series, on PBS.


Corporations targeting elusive high-earning audiences can often struggle when trying to convey complex messages. PBS is a leading connection to these successful individuals. Their viewers are among America’s most affluent, with over 86% owning at least $250,000 in investments.

Ion Storage Systems PBS “In Depth” segment

PBS approached Ion Storage Systems last year to be a part of their series, focusing on their latest battery technology and advancements being made in electric battery science. Joan was involved in this project in three ways:


1. She and a senior executive of Ion partnered together to oversee the whole project from beginning to end, including working with the PBS staff “In-Depth” to conceive the video segment to air on the television series. A one-minute commercial to be shown on major business channels (i.e.; Fox Business News) was also created.


2. Joan coached the four executives at ion on the interviews that they would be going through. She worked hard with them to develop the script that was ideal for both PBS and Ion executives. Then she successfully coached those to be interviewed on what to say, how to say it, and how to answer q&a during the interviews, while coming across in their own best and natural communication style.


3. The “In-Depth” camera crew was on-site taping all day. Joan was there as well, working directly with both the crew and ion management and staff to ensure the best scenes were taped that successfully profiled all that Ion does, and all they have to offer.


It is important to stress that the successful outcome was due to hard work that went into the co-collaboration between the PBS crew, the Ion executives, and Joan. Stay tuned for updates here and at Dr.Joan Pastor Executive Advisory Services Linkedin CLICK HERE as to when ion will be airing on in-depth, on your local PBS channel. FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 310-892-0210