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Professional C-Suite Executive Coach and Consultant •
Licensed Industrial Organizational and Clinical Psychologist •
Organizational Growth Specialist • Talent Assessment •
Renowned Keynote Speaker • CEO of JPA International, Inc.

Highly sought after for her entertaining and engaging approaches and executive programs that make already successful businesses and organizations stronger, talent-driven, and razor-focused on a single, unified organizational goal.

From engaging keynotes for every employee in your business to one-on-one C-Suite-level coaching and consulting, Joan Pastor and JPA International are the preferred Management Consultants in the industry.

See for yourself why Joan and JPA International are the right choice for your company!

What makes Joan so uniquely…Joan?

Joan is in a class all her own. Always funny, engaging, and wholly focused on the task at hand, Joan brings absolute understanding and long history of measurable accomplishments and results to all she does. With a broad education in the field of organizational psychology and vast experience working with C-Suite executives the world over, Joan is the key to transforming individual, team, and organizational behaviors for optimal success.

Joan makes everything fun, funny, and memorable. You’ll quickly see how uniquely “Joan” she is!

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Our unique approach is what makes the difference In your organization growth

“In every chain of reasoning, the evidence of the last conclusion can be no greater than that of the weakest link of the chain, whatever may be the strength of the rest.” – Thomas Reid, Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man (1786)

Your organization is only as strong as its weakest link. Joan works with individuals or teams in need of a performance boost, whether targeted to one particular responsibility or broad-based advanced achievement. You need the executive coach who knows the ins and outs of executive-level performance optimization.

Joan Pastor’s Executive Coaching Program for Performance Issues is the preferred way to maximize executive performance and invigorate your team to achieve outstanding results that exceed expectations.

It’s time to address the weak links in your organization.


John Morrow: Governance Specialist

As our governance expert, John spent much of his career focused on corporate governance issues. Trained and licensed as a CPA, John graduated from Rutgers University; over the course of his career he has worked as an auditor, in professional regulation, in professional development and education, in governance, and in professional ethics.

His emphasis in governance began at the AICPA where he wrote the AICPA Audit Committee Toolkit. It is also the time that John first began a collaboration with Joan Pastor, where they combined boardroom knowledge with human and organizational behavior expertise to understand what is really going on in the boardroom. They also collaborated on an award winning article on the “Eight Habits of Highly Effective Audit Committees”.

John and Joan make an incredible team to tackle your Board management and governance issues.

Let’s get started!

A solid support team is always at hand.

Joan Pastor has been lucky enough to collaborate with business and industry leaders in a variety of categories.  Her connections with these people have built a team of great advisors and fellow consultants whom she draws upon when needed.

If you’ve got specific issues Joan cannot solve, she can reccomend one of her many advisors and fellow consultants to help work on your specific issues.

You can have confidence that Joan and her team have the background you need to being and complete your consulting, coaching, training or presentation project.

Count on Joan & John to recommend the best course of action for your needs.