All critical thinkers and professional managers can benefit from customized training created to improve efficiency within your organization.

Take advantage of more than 25 years of professional training experience.

“Other coaches just talk through things based on work or industry experience. Joan is able to connect to the behavior behind the experience. To who you are, your experience and the personality traits that have aided in who you are today… and to leverage it in a way to motivate and affect change.”
– Niki Allen
Chief of Staff, IT Division
The Boeing Company

Personal and Professional Training Programs

In a organizational enviornment filled with like-minded, highly-individualistic leaders, it can be difficult to find roads to productive communication and collaboration.  Joan Pastor and her team have an extensive history with senior management and board members,  to facilitate cooperative teams who work together to achieve organization-wide success.  These training programs are extraordinarily effective at creating productive and proactive teams at any level.

Joan Pastor and JPA International have more than 25 years of professional training and collaborative development that transforms organizations through measurable metrics and training programs

With Joan Pastor you can find training programs designed to:

– Improve your efficiency
– Evaluate choices better
– Improve business relationships
– Challenge your self thinking
– Build self confidence

Begin charting a new direction today!

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Course 1.0: Leading board practices and related challenges

Understand the basics of boards and how they interact with management.   Start with whether you need a board at all and work your way through the complete board set up process.

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Course 2.0: Current board issues and related challenges

Established boards often focus on certain issues and may not address other topics.  This program is meant to cover the most important and challenging issues of our time, in addition to the current focus of your board.

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