It is common for almost every advisor, trainer or consulting service to boast about their superior skills and service however very few can provide the broad range of support that has been given to Joan Pastor by her clients.  The video and text-slider below presents a few hand-fulls of remarks based on her work.

Live Video Testimonials

See live interviews of managers speaking about what they’ve learned at a recent presentation from Dr. Joan Pastor Ph.D.  These un-coached remarks are one example of the success her work has provided.

Joan Pastor Client’s Speak

“ I found Joan very knowledgeable in helping me with personal coaching. She helped me understand myself better and provided practical guidance in resolving work-place issues. The most important thing is Joan’s coaching provided me with a principle in balancing between what I want in life and career.!”

Senior V.P Sales


“ We ended up with 67 attendees including one person who is driving 6 hours for your presentation. She said she heard you speak before and was willing to make the trip. I don’t know any speaker I would drive 6 hours for. That’s impressive!”

Diane Wilson
IP Casino Resort Spa



“Since I met my mentor at Ford, I can’t think of anyone who has done or is doing more to help me develop. Yes, several people have helped my career progress but this is more. You are helping me become a better person. Thank you and you are amazing and gifted.”

Chief Information Officer
Fortune 100 Company



“I attended your “Meeting Facilitation Skills for Managers” session during the IIA conference. It was very informative and presented well.
I can still vision the red ball when I am in a difficult meeting. Recently I successfully used your bridging technique to control a meeting. My Executive Director was very interested in what I had learned in your session as well. Thank you very much for presenting the Meeting Facilitation Skills program”

Mary Ellis
Johns Hopkins Institutions



“I really enjoyed our session yesterday and find myself mulling over our discussions throughout each day and trying to incorporate suggestions you’ve made. The changes I’m making are very empowering!”

Polly S.
(company confidential)



“Although my work with Joan was brief she definitely had an impact on me. I was at a point in my life where I was so lost in my career, but the root of the matter was that I was especially lost in life. Joan recognized that immediately. From the get go she was so supportive, kind and positive. She had so much faith in my skills and abilities despite not having known me for very long and that was such a great feeling – just knowing that I had someone out there, someone relatively unbiased, i.e. not a family member or friend, who was utterly confident that I was capable of great things. Her concern for me and my success was always genuine and she even encouraged me to keep in touch after we stopped working together. Her staff was also such a pleasure to work with and always responsive! They too were as positive as she was even when it just to book appointments :).
I’m a little closer to where I want to be in life and I know that I owe some of that to Joan!”

M. Flores
(company confidential)



“The training was a complete success and there is no doubt I will be a champion for you for our future training needs.”

Jim Alltop CQA
SNCOIC, MCNAFAS, Far East Region



“I enjoyed working with you. Your coaching was very valuable”

Ingrid R.
Bank of America



“Dr. Pastor has been a very valuable resource for our psychiatrists office. In addition to giving us insight on issues of introverts she has helped us develop better treatment processes.”

Dr. Gregory McFadden
Psychiatric Centers at San Diego



“I attended your seminar in Las Vegas and enjoyed your presentation. You said you would not “shrink” our heads and you succeeded – as you actually opened our minds! Thank you for speaking at the conference.”

Kevin Mangan
Hendrick Automotive Group



“Joan was a true asset to our organization. Her business acuity is as strong as her understanding of people and processes, which is a rare combination. She can fully recognize issues and translate the application of sales and marketing to all types of organizations then dissect the real status of the financial state of an organization.  Most important of all- I can trust her and I greatly respect her.

She has a way of helping you see which challenge areas must be improved using as much humor as possible.  Joan played a big role in getting our Association off and running in the direction l feel it should be moving in, and while change takes time I can already see the positive results of decisions we made together while she was here.”

CEO – National Healthcare Association



“Joan’s dynamic energy, intelligence, and skills communication, leadership and management make her a powerful ally. She demonstrates an excellent understanding of sales and what it takes to be a professional, successful, salesperson.

She shows tremendous clarity in keeping people to their goals by developing the very best in themselves. She will not let you do any less than your best!

One of my goals was to establish better communication and spirit in the office. Joan established open and ongoing communication up and down the chain of command and among the representatives. She is a master at resolving conflicts between people and is mostly responsible for the tremendous shift in our district towards mutual support and teamwork. There has been a 70% increase in production in our district.

Thing’s definitely move forward when she’s around! I highly recommend her.”

District Sales Manager, Major International Finance Corporation



“Since I met my mentor at Ford,  I can’t think of anyone who has done or is doing more to help me develop.  Yes, several people have helped my career progress, but this is more.  You are helping me become a better person.

Thank you. You are amazing and gifted.”

Unsolicited Testimonial from a CIO of a Fortune 100 company



“I would like to report that Joan’s people skill courses are excellent and very well received. I used Joan at three different Fortune 500 companies for the people skill training, and the staff loved the courses.

Also, at each of the companies, the staff requested additional courses by Joan. I think a combined training course with Joan and me, especially in an international country, would be a big success. Hopefully we can try this concept, and it will be a win for all parties involved.”

Robert Brewer, Senior Vice President Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Audit Executive, Office Depot



“Our chapter’s response to Joan’s presentation was overwhelmingly positive. Her full-day presentation on Conflict Management and Leadership Skills kept our members intrigued throughout the day. We were delighted to have someone of Joan’s expertise and enthusiasm provide her insight to our chapter.”

Diane Napolitano, New York Life



“I wish I could put you in my pocket! You are an excellent instructor of leadership and collaboration, the best I have had in many years. The added coaching was invaluable.  Thank you!

Diane Seefeldt, First Premier Bank



“I attended the How To Effectively Run Meetings training taught by Dr. Joan Pastor. The two-day training was intensive and simply excellent. Joan has a way of delivering difficult concepts in a simplified manner which is easily retained mentally. I plan to incorporate some of her concepts immediately. Once again, the training was great!”

Jarvis (Jay) W. Clarke, Supervisor, Chevron Corporation



“Joan always delivers and is a true professional. Her personal approach is greatly admired.”

Paul T. Schafer
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory



“We are pleased that you accepted the invitation to be the keynote speaker at the 10th Biennial Joint DOE Conference. Your presentations Harnessing the Mental and Emotional Skills for Outstanding and Effective Leadership and Psychology of White Collar Crime were timely and very well received by attendees. On behalf of Paul Schafer and Michael Sinko, I want to thank you for your participation and excellent presentations.”

Robert C. McNair, Vice President
Brookhaven National Laboratory



“This was the most enjoyable leadership training that I have attended in a long time. Thank you so much.”

Kristin Smith, Home Federal Bank



“Joan’s presentation on the link between Leadership and Emotional Intelligence was absolutely fabulous! And I heard many others say that, too. She had all 350+ attendees listening to her every word. Joan is extremely informative, interesting, engaging, and funny! Her topic was one that everyone related to and she tailored it perfectly for our audience. I highly recommend Joan! We will definitely be using her again!”

Gail Peters, Executive Director, Washington University



“Joan’s training programs are exceptional. Joan was hired to provide communications skills training and presentation skills training, and exceeded my expectations. She learned about our corporate culture at Yazaki to tailor the training to our needs. Her course covered every aspect of interpersonal communication that related to our organization. Joan also did some consulting work with our Office of Program Management that yielded positive results.”

George Work, Human Resources, Yazaki



“Joan’s course was a big help, for me personally and my colleagues, when I was tasked with helping our group become proficient in facilitating workshops. I facilitated my first risk assessment workshop a month after taking the course, and it helped me go in well-prepared and confident. A few years later, when I was the Director of Enterprise Risk, I brought Joan in to teach the course a second time. In addition to the obvious value for risk workshops, the skills and principles that Joan teaches are very useful in a broader context. They help you be a better manager and a better communicator.”

Dave Eden, Site Infrastructure Manager
New Nuclear Project, Ontario Power Generation



“I am having Joan Pastor speak for the International Conference in Boston. I know her well and she spoke at the earlier conference in Atlanta. I actually recommended her for our Boston Chapter over 20 years ago and she has done a lot with our organization now for years. She gets rave reviews and has a lot of experience doing training worldwide.”

James Murphy, MBA, Engagement Manager, Jefferson Wells International



“Joan Pastor provides interactive, informative, and extremely relevant sessions. Her enthusiasm for her work and her commitment to providing excellent content is clear in the evaluations we receive from the people who attend her workshops and sessions.

Joan has always been flexible in working with us and has often been called upon to pinch hit in last minute agenda changes. We frequently ask Joan to speak because of her professionalism and we know that we will receive 110% effort from her.”

Barbara L. Berman, CMP, Senior Project Manager
Meetings and Conferences – Program Development
American Institute of CPAs (AICPA)



“Joan’s presentation was definitely different than any other fraud and ethics class I have attended. Her superior knowledge within the field of psychology and how it relates to both business and ethics was praised by all who attended. The participation through questions and case studies made it a very exciting and interactive class. This presentation is a must for human resources, finance, or departments of any business or association worldwide interested in fraud, and for people at all levels of the organization. Last, but certainly not least, her office staff was great to work with and made the process of bringing in a speaker as simple as possible. Thank you for a great JPA International, Inc. experience!”

Leanna Nighswonger
Washington River Protection Solutions, Richland, WA



“On behalf of the board of directors of the New Jersey Bankers Association, thank you for presenting your seminar on The Psychology Behind Fraud, Unethical Behavior, and White Collar Crime. This full-day seminar was the first of its kind for the NJ Bankers. One of our members had seen this seminar and recommended it to us. We were not disappointed! The attendance alone was great for a first-time topic—but the real proof that this seminar was great was that the attendance was full from morning to evening! There are not many speakers who can retain the crowd for the entire day!

Your blend of case studies, humor, psychology, and statistics definitely met the seminar’s objectives. In the economic times we are living in today, any other State Banking Association should welcome this seminar into their course catalog.”

Jenn Zorn, Vice President
New Jersey Bankers Association



“I had the privilege of experiencing training conducted by Dr. Joan Pastor. She facilitated courses on Risk Assessment (CRSA), Conflict Management, and Interviewing Skills. The attendees consisted of auditors and accountants with various years of experience but the course felt like it was geared for all.

I enjoyed the interaction that Joan incorporates into her training; it requires everyone to participate and makes the training fun. She is very knowledgeable about the subject areas she offers but her personality is so vibrant that you will find yourself wanting more.”

Greg Goodrich, MCNAFAS Far East Regional Director
MC Butler Base, Okinawa, Japan



“Thanks for presenting to us at our conference. Fraud training usually provides foundation suggestions on what to do and what to avoid in handling fraud incidents. However, Joan offers a unique and valuable fraud education with her psychological approach and insight. She highlights psychological factors and behaviors of a fraudster that are highly useful for everyone to consider. The case studies and participants’ interaction made this session very interesting and enjoyable! Her presentation is great for all personnel levels, including management, executives, and boards members who may be interested in ethics, creating ethical business cultures, and preventing fraud. We look forward to having you back for a future seminar!”

Christy Decker, Director
Sharp HealthCare



“You spoke July 24 at the American Institute of CPAs’ Interchange conference at the Ritz-Carlton in Key Biscayne. My colleagues and I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. In fact, we now analyze our behavior to determine if we’re creating, promoting, or allowing certain situations in our lives!”

Sarah Seals
Public Relations Specialist, Texas Society of CPAs



“We have had nothing but positive responses from the people who attended the conference on 4/8. Your presentation on Psychological Profiling of White Collar Criminals was extremely well received.”

Jeff Potochney
FBI Philadelphia Office



“Joan’s seminar was excellent! I hope to attend another of her’s in the future.”

Gary Leeds
AICPA (Not for Profit Conference)



“Thank you so much for the great session you led the team through! We all thought it was great and are so thankful you chose the 5.11 team to test it on!”

“Developing Well-Being and Optimism: A Primer to a Good Life” Program
Brenda Morris, CFO, 511 Tactical



“I’d like to make you aware of a dynamic speaker I saw earlier this year–Joan Pastor, Ph.D. Dr. Pastor presented Conflict Management and Interviewing Skills to the Clinical Quality Assurance group. While the group had a diverse background, all agreed that the information presented on communication styles and conflict management was very useful and relevant to our strategies. I would highly recommend that she be considered for a presentation at the annual meeting on this topic.”

Paula Hamilton, Senior Compliance Specialist,
Takeda Global Research & Development, IL



“Joan’s course on Negotiation Skills provided insights and strategies that I have employed in recent investigative interviews with outstanding results. She provided information that can be applied immediately to achieve positive outcomes. I highly recommend this training for any investigator looking to improve their interviewing skills.”

James T. Nolan, Corporate Vice President
Special Investigation Unit, New York Life



“The communication training was a success. Not only did all the engineers participating enjoy the sessions, they actually put the new tools and knowledge to work. We are able to measure a decrease in communication-related problems at constructions sites as a result of this training.”

Russell L Gibson, Training Manager
Chevron Corp



“On behalf of the Trusteeship for The Betterment of Women and The Women’s Forum West, I would like to thank you for your informative and stimulating presentation on dreams. The topic was exciting and different, and I’m sure we are all paying more attention to our ‘sleeping hours!’ Once again, thank you for your contribution toward making our weekend retreat a success.”

Karen Jordan, Executive Director
The Trusteeship



“Joan’s seminar on The Psychology Behind Fraud was excellent! I hope to attend another in the near future.”

Jackie Strat, IIA North Jersey



“I hope our paths cross down the road. I always enjoyed our time together and I know you are working with many other business people, bringing them great values to improve on what they do daily in their jobs as well.”

Doug Sellin, COO (Retired)
Union Bay Sportswear



“One of the areas Joan excels in is developing a plan to correct identified problems and to monitor progress. In every session I have been in with Joan (it must be close to 20 now), she has left us with an action plan, critical success factors, and a follow up plan. I would not be overstating Joan’s ability by saying that every session I have been in has been a huge success and that profitability, morale, and team work all improved significantly due to the training.”

Brenda Morris, CFO
Icicle Seafoods



“We requested some insight from Dr. Pastor to assist us with a litigation matter.  This was a very sensitive and private matter that needed skill, discretion, as well as insight.  Dr. Pastor was exceedingly helpful in all areas in assisting us with understanding in-depth the issues we were dealing with.  

She gave us some wonderful ideas to assist us in creatively helping to solve the issues surrounding these problems. Dr. Pastor is an excellent resource and I wholeheartedly endorse her.”

Steven A. Shapiro, Esq.
Denver, Colorado

Testimonials include remarks from the following companies: Office Depot, First Premier Bank, Chevron Corporation, New York Life, Union Bay Sportswear, Home Federal Bank, Yazaki Inc, Washington River Protection Solutions, Anonymous-Fortune 100 Company, The Women’s Forum West, Steven A. Shapiro, Esq., Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Ontario Power, Jefferson Wells International, American Institute of CPAs, Takeda Global Research, New Jersey Bankers Association, Clinical Quality Assurance Group, MCNAFAS, Sharp HealthCare, Texas Society of CPAs, FBI Philadelphia Office, AICPA, Icicle Seafoods, Washington University