Case Studies

Get more insight into Joan and the team’s skills through these actual project case studies.  Note that due to confidentiality reasons certain names and designations have been redacted.

Health Related

Case Study: M&A Successful Partnership

This challenging M&A has become extremely successful in bridging institutions to obtain grants and VC. Goal: to advance clinical and community-engaged collaboration, education and research.

Organizational Agility

Case Study: Activewear Company Untanglement

Extensive training, strategic planning, executive coaching, competencies development and other key consulting services were provided to assist the company in their organizational change efforts.

Case Study: Guiding Airline to Smooth Skies

The ultimate goal was to create a common organizational vision and to outline the steps ahead that were required to support change and achieve compliance.

Board Governance

Case Study: Family Business Transitioning

Analysis of a leadership transition from generation 2 to generation 3. The board had the freedom to be as creative in their governance as they wanted to be, but struggled to think beyond traditional board roles.

Case Study: Trust Fund Leadership

A business founder's succession plan doesn't go as planned. Trust-fund children decided they wanted to exercise their ownership, join the board and run the company… having zero experience or credentials!

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