Signs of Stress at Work

If there is one quality human beings share, it is that we all experience stress. Life can be difficult and even when we CHOOSE to do something difficult, we still experience stress.

I believe each one of us has what I call a “stress threshold,” a point when what is bothering us, or what may have been bothering us for a long time, begins to break down our natural defenses for coping. That is when we experience negative symptoms of stress.

Already know how stress exhibits itself in your life? See our Stress Management Techniques listed below instead!

If you recognize any of the below-listed symptoms in yourself, be grateful your body and mind are communicating to you. You have important information to use in the choices you make today.

1. Stress headache is a common sign you have exceeded your limits.

2. Caregiver stress. This is a biggie, much more than people think. You may be taking care of not only young ones or elderly parents, but two incomes may now down to one. And the person working often becomes the caregiver to the one who is not, and the wheel of stress goes ’round and ’round.

3. Anxiety or depression stress. People don’t realize this but anxiety can actually be a part of depression or occur alongside it. If you are feeling both highly anxious and depressed at the same time (or have signs of depression even if you don’t feel it), please seek assistance. This can be managed well, but you want the help of capable hands.

4. Stress-related insomnia. Avoid sleeping pills, which only treat symptoms and can have dangerous side effects. Cognitive behavior therapy can pinpoint the causes and get you snoring in no time. Even the Mayo Clinic agrees!

5. Stress and high cholesterol, as well as cortisol stress. Of course, these are of great concern since they are silent. Only a blood test and/or stress test will find it.

6. Stress and chest pain. Learn more on stress management techniques and stress and chest pain from my clinical subsidiary.

7. Stress-caused acne. Teen stress is not the only cause, it happens when you are an adult too. Relax!

8. Escapism stress. Watching TV or surfing the ‘Net for hours every day, eating more than usual, drinking more than usual, gambling, etc.

Of course, there are many, many other symptoms of stress as well. Where they show up (Digestive tract? Joints? Back?) is often a combination of genetics (what parts of you are less resilient than others, thus will show wear and tear sooner) and traits unique to you.

Stressed about stress yet? Don’t worry, there’s a way out!

Three Proven Stress Management Techniques

Meditation doesn’t have to be hours of “ohms,” it can comprise of any repetitive action, really. This includes walking, swimming, painting, knitting, or any activity that will help keep your attention present and calm. Shoot for just 5 or 10 minutes a day and you’ll see a big difference.

Picture Yourself Relaxed
If you have a talkative mind, learn to quiet it! Create a peaceful visualization like a favorite vacation spot or the feel of your favorite sweater.

This technique will take your mind off the stress and replace it with an image that triggers “calm.”

Breathe Deeply
Stress automatically evokes tense, shallow breathing, so be sure to keep it in check before low oxygen levels start making things even more difficult.