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Your organization needs superior leadership and motivated, dedicated employees working hard to meet your goals. Joan Pastor PhD Executive Advisory Services, a subsidiary of JPA International Inc., provides you and your work force with the behaviors, skills, and tools they need to build the team so your organization soars above and beyond your competitors!

About Joan Pastor

Executive Coaching

Our personalities shape our world. With executive coach from Joan Pastor, industry leaders around the world have discovered how to harness the power of their personality traits to create positive change in themselves and in their organization.

Elevate your Leadership

Organizational Agility

No matter where you are in your growth as a company, whether you’re a start up or 200 years old, there’s always more growth and improvement to be had. Whether your organization is blossoming, going through a change in leadership, or about to enter a complete restructuring, Joan Pastor Ph.D Executive Advisory Services is with you all the way to make sure you keep your eyes up and focused towards those few key, critical goals that will most propel you towards your success. Whether your organization is going through a change in leadership or a complete restructuring, you need an experienced, professional hand to successfully guide your team through the transformation. Dr. Joan Pastor is has the psychological training and real-world experience to facilitate positive change for your organization.

Ignite positive Change

Keynote Speaking

Understanding the psychological drivers behind business resilience is key to nurturing strong leadership growth. Joan Pastor is the foremost authority in her field, and she has delivered powerful, groundbreaking keynote speeches and general sessions for professional entities, corporations, and government agencies.

Plan Your Event

Leadership Training & Development

Strong, capable leadership requires specialized skills and a distinct mindset. Working with leaders, boards, and C-Suite executives, Dr. Joan Pastor’s precise behavioral and psychological assessments and quantitative measurements are aimed at discovering and developing superior leadership prospects. Build the robust leadership that your organization needs with Joan Pastor.

Leadership Training

What changes
would make
your business
more successful?

Embrace new behaviors

You need to be able to both identify your current behaviors embrace positive change in those behaviors. With a PhD in psychology, Joan Pastor will help you identify these changes and take the necessary steps forward.

Embrace New Behaviors

Change your mindset

Your mindset affects occurences to you and around you, from close aquaintances spreading throughout an organization. If you are too stuck in a certain mindset, it limits your ability to make effective decisions and perform to the best of your abilities.

Change Your Mindset

Think Outside the VOX”

No, we have not made a mistake! Innovation = thinking outside the VOX! The “vox” are in fact all the voices in your head that are tied to core beliefs that keep you a prisoner to very narrow perceptions of what is and is not possible. To be a creative genius, getting rid.

Think Outside the “vox”

Create a powerful team

A team is like complex organism. It requires different pieces that complement each other, and negative components can affect the rest like a virus. Joan Pastor’s extensive experience with Team Facilitation can boost your team’s performance and success!

Create a Powerful Team

Home in on strengths & goals

Being able to define your strengths runs in parallel to defining and achieving your goals. Start by finding your strenghts, then use those to determine goals, both personal and professional. Let Joan Pastor guide you through this difficult and empowering process.

Hone in on Strengths & Goals

Evaluate your strategies

If you aren’t evaluating your existing strategies in an objective and consistent manner, they are likely to become outdated and less effective. Joan Pastor is skilled at guiding individuals and groups through in-depth strategic analyses, while instilling a system of evaluation.

Evaluate your Strategies

Develop Your leaders

Leadership is crucial at every level of an organization. From the C-Suite down to team managers, these leadership positions require real leaders to be effective in their role. With Joan’s help, you can develop these people into the leaders they were meant to be.

Develop Your Leaders


Brenda Morris, former Controller of Union Bay Sportswear, Currently, CFO, Apex Parks, Board Member Duluth Trading Company and Boot Barn Holdings

" Joan and her colleagues have worked extensively with our company, both overseas and in Seattle, providing coaching, executive development, strategic development, HR consulting and training and facilitated meetings related to organizational growth and"

CEO Rapidly Growing Staffing Company

" In working with Joan, we have been able to have "aha" moments in dealing with the dynamics of our executive team. The tools she uses make sure everyone has a uniform standard in measuring communication when working on key objectives. Nobody else can "

Chief of Staff Dominant Aerospace Company

" Other coaches just talk through things based on work or industry experience. Joan is able to connect to the behavior behind the experience. Even more, she connects your behavior and the professional results you achieve to who you are, your experience"